Monday, April 9, 2012

Praise and healing report.

I may received the gift of healing from God, i don't know.
People may questions and my answer is " My job is to pray, it is God's responsibility to heal. Healing does not comes from me, it's from God, the healer."

Here is some healing and praise report. Glory to the Lord.

I received word of knowledge of "backache" and "Eye problem"
And total of 6 people has been found out within few days.
All were either got healed completely by God or getting better. Some of them felt heat and felt like being slained by the spirit. God's love touched them.
Even prayed for a unbeliever and after prayed, he said he felt heat and got better than before.
And then he said, "Seem like i have to go church more often next time".

28/4/2012 - Journey of demonstrating "God has Wi-FI" and encountering deeper of Him.
God healed a sister which i prayed for her over the wifi.
A sister from my church messaged me through one of the phone's apps. She asked me to pray for her. She told me that there is something in her throat and keep poking her which it caused her cough and vomit thus she couldn't sleep well.
God gave me wisdom. I asked her to lay her hand on her throat and I laid my hand on my throat. She was at her house and i were in my room that time. I asked her to close her eye and just received my prayer. I did not type and send my prayer to her yet i just prayed alone in my room and just asked her to receive. After the prayer, she told me that the "thing" is gone. She was so amazed and wanted to experience more of Him! Hallelujah!

2/4/2012 - Was chatting with one of my churchmate in hometown. We did not chat for a long period. Didn't know that why i will find him and chat over facebook. Throughout our conversation, he told me that he is having flu. Thus, i asked him to lay his hand on his nose and so i am. He was in kuching and i was in KL at that time. Then i start to pray, my hand started to shivering and when i done the prayer, he told me he smelt BURNING SMELL. Wow, that's really awesome and cool. We were amazed by the power of God. I did not ask him whether is his flu being healed completely but we believe that the healing is taking place. God is moving!

Went to hostel prayer meeting at the night time. Received word of knowledge "Right hand pain and seems like the pain is comes from the nerve" However, after the meeting ended, i asked who is having hand pain. A girl quickly approached me and told me that both of her arms were in pain/muscle ache. Then i prayed for her, she felt better and the pain reduced after the prayer.

After that, around 12am-1am, i cant really remembered. Few of us were sharing while others had left. I shared my testimony which is so phenomenal and how God use me to heal people.
The girl who is having pain was holding my hand because she is hoping that she can receive the anointing and we believe that the anointing can be received through impartation. I kept on sharing my testimony to glorify Jesus and she suddenly shouted and told us that all her pain is gone! Wow, we couldn't stop praising and give thanks to the Lord.

On the second day, i asked and to confirm whether all her pain were gone. She told me that after she woke up, she felt the pain again. I prayed for her over facebook (yes, God has Wi-FI). The pain on her left arm was completely gone and healed, and there's still left a little pain on her right arm. I asked her to continue and pray for her right arm by herself. I'm doing so is to build her faith after demonstrating the healing power that comes from our God, Jesus heals.

7/4/2012 - Prayed for one brother in my church who is having ulcer on his tongue. Imagine the ulcer on our tongue, it is so much pain! After prayed, he told me the pain is reduced. He was so amazed too ! Glory to the Lord! We believe that the healing was taking place.

This post is written in a rush way, i do not check for the grammar mistake and yes i know that there is a lot!