Monday, April 9, 2012

Praise and healing report.

I may received the gift of healing from God, i don't know.
People may questions and my answer is " My job is to pray, it is God's responsibility to heal. Healing does not comes from me, it's from God, the healer."

Here is some healing and praise report. Glory to the Lord.

I received word of knowledge of "backache" and "Eye problem"
And total of 6 people has been found out within few days.
All were either got healed completely by God or getting better. Some of them felt heat and felt like being slained by the spirit. God's love touched them.
Even prayed for a unbeliever and after prayed, he said he felt heat and got better than before.
And then he said, "Seem like i have to go church more often next time".

28/4/2012 - Journey of demonstrating "God has Wi-FI" and encountering deeper of Him.
God healed a sister which i prayed for her over the wifi.
A sister from my church messaged me through one of the phone's apps. She asked me to pray for her. She told me that there is something in her throat and keep poking her which it caused her cough and vomit thus she couldn't sleep well.
God gave me wisdom. I asked her to lay her hand on her throat and I laid my hand on my throat. She was at her house and i were in my room that time. I asked her to close her eye and just received my prayer. I did not type and send my prayer to her yet i just prayed alone in my room and just asked her to receive. After the prayer, she told me that the "thing" is gone. She was so amazed and wanted to experience more of Him! Hallelujah!

2/4/2012 - Was chatting with one of my churchmate in hometown. We did not chat for a long period. Didn't know that why i will find him and chat over facebook. Throughout our conversation, he told me that he is having flu. Thus, i asked him to lay his hand on his nose and so i am. He was in kuching and i was in KL at that time. Then i start to pray, my hand started to shivering and when i done the prayer, he told me he smelt BURNING SMELL. Wow, that's really awesome and cool. We were amazed by the power of God. I did not ask him whether is his flu being healed completely but we believe that the healing is taking place. God is moving!

Went to hostel prayer meeting at the night time. Received word of knowledge "Right hand pain and seems like the pain is comes from the nerve" However, after the meeting ended, i asked who is having hand pain. A girl quickly approached me and told me that both of her arms were in pain/muscle ache. Then i prayed for her, she felt better and the pain reduced after the prayer.

After that, around 12am-1am, i cant really remembered. Few of us were sharing while others had left. I shared my testimony which is so phenomenal and how God use me to heal people.
The girl who is having pain was holding my hand because she is hoping that she can receive the anointing and we believe that the anointing can be received through impartation. I kept on sharing my testimony to glorify Jesus and she suddenly shouted and told us that all her pain is gone! Wow, we couldn't stop praising and give thanks to the Lord.

On the second day, i asked and to confirm whether all her pain were gone. She told me that after she woke up, she felt the pain again. I prayed for her over facebook (yes, God has Wi-FI). The pain on her left arm was completely gone and healed, and there's still left a little pain on her right arm. I asked her to continue and pray for her right arm by herself. I'm doing so is to build her faith after demonstrating the healing power that comes from our God, Jesus heals.

7/4/2012 - Prayed for one brother in my church who is having ulcer on his tongue. Imagine the ulcer on our tongue, it is so much pain! After prayed, he told me the pain is reduced. He was so amazed too ! Glory to the Lord! We believe that the healing was taking place.

This post is written in a rush way, i do not check for the grammar mistake and yes i know that there is a lot!

Bringing heaven down to earth.

And these signs will accompany those who believe. Mark 16:17

On 25/3/2011, Sunday. I knew that and expecting God will show up do something great in my church. Thus, a brother in Christ of mine and I took a taxi to church, which we normally don't. I wanted to reach there so early just because i want to pray, to seek God and knowing that God is gonna do something great.

So as i prayed , i received word of knowledge from God which is back pain, to be specific, it's right back pain and left eye pain. I jotted down in my note book. As the service started, i had the deepest intimacy with God and i just worshiping Him. Was keep on waiting for the moment that God shows up in His supernatural way and shows something which it doesn't practice or part of our church culture. In term of manifestation of Holy spirit maybe? I don't know, I was expecting more !

When the service ended, i did not stand up and ask who having back pain/left eye problem in the congregation. I admit that i was scared if it was a mistake that i listened wrongly (i'm still learning). So i just keep it.

We went for lunch with a group of about 10 bro&sis in Christ. I was sitting with 3 of my brothers in Christ in same table. I shared my testimonies and the Word of God. During the lunch time, I released the word of knowledge that i received on that morning. 2 of them who were sitting with me on the same table quickly voiced up and said they having back pain or problem in their back. One of them having this problem for weeks or months already ( I've forgotten) and another bro had it for 2 or 3 days. I was so shocked and amazed by the power of God. I never expected that when i released the word of knowledge, it's actually the people that sat together with me on the same table which is 2 out of 4 people including me. And one of the bro said one of our church mate having back pain too but he wasn't with us that time. Wow, so it's actually 3 ppl!

So after lunch, i prayed for 2 of them. I laid my hand and started to pray for them. They both get healed by God! One of them felt heat and is getting better than before after prayed( I messaged him yesterday and he was completely healed after that) Another one got instantly healed by God. He felt that he was almost slain. Haha, i know that it's the power of the Holy Spirit! The pain just gone initially after prayer which the pain had lasted him so long. We all were so amazed by the power of Holy Spirit and works of God.

For another brother which wasn't with us on Sunday. I've an urge that i must pray for him. So i looked for him through facebook last night. I asked him to laid his hand on his back and i just prayed for him over facebook. He too also felt heat and tear fall down. Then he said he come hostel and look for me. I agree-ed and we met up very soon. Then again i shared my testimonies and words of God. I prayed for him after that. We both felt the presence of God is so strong. At last, he said that he got slightly better, about 10% ?
Thanks Jesus for the 10% healing. We believe that the healing had taken place.

I was chatting with one of the sister in Christ. And she told me she having backpain for many years already! Oh my goodness! Word of knowledge! How if i grab a mic, release the word of knowledege ask who having backpain on the spot after the service/in the congregation ?! Because even it didnt do it yesterday, a total of 4 ppl having that problem had show up!!

Who having backpain i pray that u are be healed right now in the name of Jesus! Amen! Receive it as u are reading this!

It's not OVER yet!!
The spark is just started ! I believe and expecting there is more to come! Are you all ready for the great movement of God and power of Holy Spirit? Come on!

Glory to God. God is GG! God is good and great! Gracious and glorious! Isn't HE ?

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. John 14:12-14

They will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. Mark 16:18


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Forgive whatever grievances you may against one another.
Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
-Colossians 3:13

You may have a better life=)


最近神对你说什么? 这句话非常熟悉,也让我留下很深刻的印象.

“你们当甘心乐意事奉耶和华” 诗篇100:2 这样记载到。
害怕人家问到“怎么上个星期没看到你? 怎么不来祷告会?” 或是家人所逼。

基督教不是建立在一个充满诫命,规条的宗教.这个不能做,那个又不能做。 那基督徒不是与世隔绝吗?

我们爱因为神先爱我们。(1John 4:19)
我们相爱,不要只在言语和舌头上,总要在行为和诚实上。(1John 3:18)



神 的道是活泼的,是有功效的。(Hebrew 4:12)



Monday, April 4, 2011

我不要 • 平凡

燃燒這生命 / 有情天 / 李佳穎







这首歌切切实实的唱出我对上帝渴望的心声和内心的坎坷! 不要让我们做平凡的基督徒, 不要翻书般的做作、不要无意识的歌颂、不要只在某些时候才想起自己为谁而活! 不要只在为难是祷告。 但愿神更新我们每个人,在灵里更新!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

How He loves us

Yes, God loves us. If you are reading and listening to this, God wants to encounter you and wants you to feel HIS love. Just open your heart and let HIS love fill unto you. =)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Live.Love.Life ?

Congratulation! It's been awhile that i wanted to start a blog for myself. And yea.. finally i did. (Isn't hard to setup a blog though. lol.)

Anyway, why live love life ?

It's pretty hard for me to think about a blog name/url. I spent quite much time on it. At first i was thinking to name it as but i changed my mind.  I was thinking to write something that i had experienced in my life into this blog. Thus, i googled the word "life" or something like " live for life" and guess what i got? Right, it is the word "live love life". Suddenly my mind came with a thought/whim that is "this is the name that i wanted to name it as my blog url. From the word "" generally we can easily know what's the contents of my blog.

I was inspired to give some interpretation of my

So, as i mentioned above. I want to share my life experiences at here. But then is it related with the url?  Here is the "implicit" meaning of it.

Live  - What are you living for? 

Love - Where is the Love come from? What is love?

Life  -  What is the purpose of your life ?

Hope that  you will find out the answer of the above questions here. 

so yea, just stay tuned =)

Lastly, 0801 is actually my birthday! Haha.. it's on 1st of august.


(Photo taken by me during a camp)